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Trade Professionals

KORAL windows is a family business with roots dating back to 1998. We have gained extensive expertise through years of providing windows and doors in the Ottawa area to a wide client-base.


We are passionate about meeting clients, continually deepening our knowledge and skills of our trade, and truly going beyond the satisfaction of every client. We love what we do! And it shines through how we do our job.

Our Facility

One of our main core values is to create high-grade products, and to do as such; we must utilize high-grade materials, ensuring customer satisfaction. This value system is exemplified even within our facilities, which are equipped with Forell equipment, Bottero equipment, URBAN brand machinery, and CNC Corner Cleaning technology, ensuring that our high standards are met.


As an environmentally conscious company, we recycle 100% of our used materials and manufacture all of our windows from lead-free polyvinyl chloride (uPVC).

Our Promise to the Planet

We're at the forefront of completely integrating up-to-date technology and environmentally friendly practices directly into our manufacturing processes.

Windows are responsible for approximately 25% of a home’s heat loss, and as a result of this fact, we desire to create sufficient engineering products for the benefit of both homeowners, and the environment. In addition, our Vinyl windows are developed exclusively with a lead-free Polyvinyl chloride (uPVC).

Super Spacer technology is used within all of our windows, to boost insulating properties. If you desire to know our glass options, they include Low-E glass, as well as triple-pane glass to ensure we produce the most energy efficient windows, that operate with maximum sufficiency all year round.