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Full Replacement

Full replacements should be the primary option when frames are damaged. The option tends to be more expensive as it involves the addition of added material and labour, as well as potential upgrades to the exterior or interior trim.


Partial Replacement (Retrofit)

A cost-effective option for homeowners is for them to only have a window sash replacement. This method simplifies the installation by leaving the frames and trim intact, but as a result, will not provide the same production of energy that would come from a full replacement.


Window Style

A comparison of the different types of windows will reveal certain advantages and disadvantages for each one, but ultimately the decision should come down to what is best suited for the room. Although your options might be limited by the size or shape of the existing window opening, you still have a lot to choose from.


Room Function

Awning windows provide a large amount of ventilation, while still protecting the interior from wet weather, making them ideal for bathrooms.

Casement windows are popular choices for kitchens due to a similar need for ventilation. It’s easy to operate the crank even if you have to reach over the sink, and the larger opening provides large amounts of natural light.



Due to variations in design and function, certain types of windows are inherently more energy efficient than others. Operable windows typically sacrifice some efficiency for the convenience of being able to open them easily. However, the money saved from deciding against fixed windows is minimal.

Double hung windows, a traditional style often used to maintain the rich aesthetic of older homes, are well suited to most climates. But can lead to higher rates of air infiltration in excessively windy areas. Even with the installation of two sashes, double hung windows can be highly efficient if they are well made and properly installed. The use of warm-edge spacers and dual or triple glazed windows, filled with insulating gas can also compensate for air leakage between sashes.



For rooms adjacent to confine or high-traffic areas such as walkways and patios, an inward-opening window offers the ideal blend of beauty and practicality. Sliding and hung windows are some of the most popular choices, as they still allow for air circulation and easy cleaning, without infringing on your outdoor space.

If security is a top priority, you can opt for fixed windows in strategic areas, or equip your operable windows with an upgraded locking system.

For more advice on how to choose the perfect windows for your home, speak to a trusted Vinyl-Pro dealer.

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